Easy Referral

As of 2019, I am no longer able to Bulk Bill all clients. This is due to rising expenses and the fact that Medicare has not increased the rebate in 8 years.

Claiming with your Private Health Fund:

You can simply call and make an appointment. Then take your receipt to your Private Health Fund for rebate. Enquire with your health fund to check that you are covered for sessions with a psychologist.

Claiming through Medicare:

Before you can use Medicare to claim psychological therapy fees, you need to see your GP.

  1. Go to your GP and discuss your main concerns.
  2. Your GP will decide if you qualify to receive a medicare rebate for psychological sessions under a Mental Health Care Plan
  3. If you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan your GP will write you a referral to a psychologist of your choice. It is important that you provide the name of the psychologist to your GP.
  4. Bring your referral to the first appointment with your psychologist.
  5. Payment is to be made in full via cash, EFT/Credit Card, or Bank Transfer (if arranged prior to session).
  6. Take your receipt to Medicare to claim back the Rebate, or use online claiming through Medicare.


My fee is $110 for a 1 hour session. Most of this (about $85) can be claimed back through Medicare or your private health fund. It is approximately $25 out of pocket/ per session.

I have some spaces every week for Bulk Billing (no gap) clients. This is for clients who are on a low income (Health Care Card holders).

Letters to your GP are included in the normal session fee, as this is part of the normal process of providing intervention. You will be asked to complete a Consent to Release Information form and nominate anyone you require me to communicate with. Additional reports will be charged at $110/ report.

Missed appointments will be charged at $50, unless cancelled the day before or there are extraneous circumstances. Please understand this is my income, and there are clients on the waiting list.