Workshops & Groups

Introduction to Mindful Parenting

Mindfulness is described by Jon Kabat-Zinn as "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgementally." The literature on mindfulness practice demonstrates this is a promising and compassionate way to improve our wellbeing and relationships. Buddhism has a long history of mindfulness practice, however the concepts fundamental to mindfulness are also compatible with Western psychological notions of 'meta-cognitive skills' and "neural plasticity".

This is a workshop to introduce the concept of mindfulness to caregivers and how this can be applied in parenting. The workshop can be run for small groups, with more emphasis on practical participation, or for a large group in seminar format.

Topics covered in the workshop:

1. Stress and how this affects our parenting

2. Stress management tips

3. What is mindfulness

4. Mindful breath exercise and Mindfulness in the everyday

5. Mindful parenting

6. Being aware of yourself and how to expand your awareness as a parent

7. Mindful children

8. What parents can do

9. Difficult moments - how to apply mindfulness

Please contact me if you are interested in running this workshop in your organisation or group.

Barbara - 0432 660 423

Building Social Skills Program (children)

This fun and play-centred 5 session group program for young children (3-6 years) targets early social skills development by addressing the underlying core skills and raising awareness of communication skills in a sequential program. The group involves activities that cover different learning modalities (such as auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, tactile). Parents are asked to stay and observe the sessions so that newly acquired competencies will be reinforced and generalised. Parents are provided with a booklet that outlines the content and rationale for the program and includes tips for parents to apply independently to support their child's social development.

The group sessions are as follows:

1. Self and other awareness

2. Emotional awareness - identifying and labelling feelings, expression of feelings in self and others

3. Calm body and mind - strategies such as slow breathing, mindfulness skills, relaxation, imagery

4. Communication - Non-verbal and verbal communication skills, sequence for initiating play

5. Friendship skills - qualities of friends, kindness, friendly and unfriendly behaviours

Going to Big School (Parent info session for preparation for Kindergarten)

This is a 15-45 minute presentation for schools/ preschools to help parents support their child's transition to primary school.